About Us

Wachtler Marshall understands that new homes are huge investments, and we work tirelessly at ensuring your project desires are not just met, but outcomes are exceeded. This is done with a focus on clear communication and open book service. You can rest assured that Wachtler Marshall is a strong advocate for building your project within budget and on time. In addition, our project sites are well-maintained and organized, centered on efficiency and safety.

Projects at Wachtler Marshall are deemed a success by staying true to our strong core values:

Customer Service      Integrity        Intelligent Building

Quality, experience and service are evident in all projects. We build with integrity and deliver on high standards of customer service consistently.

Wachtler Marshall History

With a strong background in building, partners Dan Wachtler and Andrew Marshall formed Wachtler Marshall Inc. in 2011 to tackle a variety of new building projects around the Puget Sound. They began building in small to mid level residential remodeling and quickly moved into building single-family custom homes and multifamily planning and development.


Dan Wachtler graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in construction management. During a two-year internship with Lease Crutcher Lewis, Dan was involved with large scale, highly scrutinized commercial construction. During his tenure at both the UW and LCL, Dan became proficient in a variety of modeling and technical drawing techniques which aid in giving vision to Wachtler Marshall’s projects. Upon leaving LCL, Dan decided to use his construction knowledge in the non-profit sector, and oversaw the construction of school buildings in Zambia and Cambodia.

Dan and his wife love to travel, from local trips to Whidbey Island all the way to Peru. Dan is an avid boater and (successful!)  fisherman. He is very tech-savvy and well-read, always learning and seeking new adventures.


Andrew Marshall graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in business and finance. His education and experience has established his reputation of providing outstanding customer service in the field. Andrew acted as operations manager for the custom homebuilder RW Anderson Homes, which involved countless successful projects around Seattle and the East Side. Managing custom home builds and extensive remodels for several years, Andrew brings industry knowledge and high caliber service, thus establishing efficient and personalized construction management as staples at Wachtler Marshall.

In his spare time, Andrew keeps very busy with his young family, including his wife and two little boys. He likes to golf and experiment with the BBQ. Andrew is passionate about Husky football and his hot pepper garden in the backyard.

Social Investment

Both Dan and Andrew began building with a goal to be able to help build for those in need. Each project Wachtler Marshall is involved in serves as a vehicle to help build all over the world. Wachtler Marshall donates both their time as well as a percentage of proceeds to the non-profit organization Construction for Change.  When you buy a home from Wachtler Marshall, you are also helping Construction for Change in their efforts to build schools, orphanages and hospitals everywhere from Sub Saharan Africa to small villages in India. Please take time to view more on Construction for Change at their website: constructionforchange.org.